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Surveprost. Development of a molecular firm in liquid biopsy for active surveillance in prostate cancer

The project aims to develop a combined molecular signature of metabolomics and miRNAs from the urine of patients diagnosed with prostate cancer for the stratification towards active surveillance or immediate intervention.

To carry out the project, a consortium has been established between the companies ATRYS HEALTH SA (Spain) and DINAMICS (Colombia). Cohorts of patients previously diagnosed with non-aggressive prostate cancer and who meet criteria for inclusion in active surveillance programs will be collected in both countries, and combined molecular signatures based on metabolomic profiles and miRNAs will be sought by means of non-invasive liquid biopsy-based methods.

In Spain, the study will be carried out using urine samples collected retrospectively at Vall d'Hebron Hospital, which will constitute the initial cohort on which the molecular profiles will be analyzed in a first phase of discovery. Differential profiles will be validated in the validation cohort constituted from patients with criteria for inclusion in active surveillance from both countries.

In order to successfully achieve the objectives of the project, a consortium has been established between Atrys and DINAMICA (SURA Group), in collaboration with the Urology Service of the Vall d'Hebrón Hospital and the Medina Foundation.

This project has the support of CDTI for its financing through the call for UNILATERAL international collaboration projects.