Smart Data

Millions of pieces of data to support your decisions

We lead healthcare data analysis thanks to our position in the healthcare sector. Make business decisions backed by Big Pac, the largest technological database in Spain, with nearly two million health records.

Big Pac: Spain’s largest technology database

1,9 mill.

anonymised patients in our database


pharmacies monitored weekly


healthcare professionals generate new information

Smart Data

in 5 steps

Patients go to health centres where doctors issue diagnoses and prescribe medicines


Pharmacies sell to patients and, in turn, buy medicines from wholesalers


This activity generates millions of pieces of data


Big Pac (r) is our patient database


We use this data to draw Health Intelligence conclusions from which companies and institutions in the healthcare sector make business decisions.

Real-time data

Big Pac is a powerful database that monitors 2 million patients. It contains clinical data (such as emergency, diagnostic and analytical data) from 1,200 primary care physicians and 900 specialists.

Health economics

Our health economists are at the forefront of new Big Data methodologies. We are constantly developing algorithms to implement health treatments in the most efficient way. We aim to make quality public healthcare sustainable by offering our analyses to health administrations at a national, regional, and hospital level.

Public health decisions

We create predictive models on Big Pac for public health decision-making. We conduct cutting-edge research, supported by a team of engineers, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, and health experts, to help healthcare organisations plan for likely scenarios.

Health Intelligence visual

Nuestra tecnología hace visibles y comprensibles los hallazgos de datos complejos. Nuestro equipo de asesores en Smart Data trabaja contigo de forma flexible y cercana para ayudarte a comprender el entorno sanitario, ajustándonos a tus necesidades. Valida o descarta tus intuiciones basándote en visualizaciones sencillas e insights precisos.

Public health decisions Health economics

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