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Single Dose image Guided Radiation Therapy

What is Single Dose image Guided Radiation Therapy (SD-IGRT)?

Atrys Health is pioneer in the use of single dose radiotherapy (or hypo-fractionated) for healing and local control of tumors, with advanced imaging technologies that improve radiation accuracy and patient safety.

For this porpoise, Atrys Health and Grupo Recoletas have signed an agreement to implement a new cancer personalized approach, based on predictive diagnostics and single-dose image-guided radiotherapy or hypo-fractionated radiosurgery.

  • Patients receive only one to five sessions per treatment , compared to classical radiation therapy in which the number of sessions may encompass 20-40 sessions, depending on the tumor type.
  • Advantageous risk-benefit ratio for patients: Minor side effects and response rates above 90%, even in traditionally radio resistant tumors
  • New therapeutic options for patients who:
  • Can not receive surgery
  • Suffer from cancers without effective treatments to date (lung or pancreatic cancer, oligometastases, etc ..)
  • Lower impact on healthy tissue than in classical radiotherapy treatment, thereby decreasing side effects and allowing a higher radiation dose
  • Shorter sessions and safer treatments. The therapy is directed to the tumor, avoiding a large number of side effects and collateral damage of other organs
  • In case of micrometastases and in difficult locations for surgery or conventional radiotherapy treatments, increasing the dose per session allows tumor ablation in early stages
  • Outpatient treatment with a drastically reduced number of sessions

TrueBeam equipment

The SD- IGRT radiation treatment is delivered by a TrueBeam, from Varian Medical Systems.

It is a last generation multi-energy linear accelerator, produced in the US, and approved by the American FDA and CE marked.

The TrueBeam allows more effective treatments in less time, avoiding multiple sessions of conventional radiotherapy

Is the latest technology from Varian Medical Systems, headquartered in Palo Alto, California, USA, a leading company in the sector listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: VAR)

This technology allows a real adjustment of the planned treatment and patient's conditions at the time of radiation

Target tumors

The SD-IGRT radiation therapy can be administered in different treatment stages

Pre-surgery: to reduce the size of locally advanced tumors before surgery. Applicable to:

  • Prostate cancer
  • Soft tissue sarcomas of the extremities
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Rectal cancer
  • Head and neck cancer

Adjuvant therapy for chemotherapy and / or hormone therapy: eliminates visible tumors, helping to the eradication of microscopic deposits by chemotherapy treatment. Applicable to all tumor locations.

Treatment of localized primary tumors: Treatment of selected patients where SD-IGRT is more suitable than classical fractionated radiotherapy.

  • Prostate cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Brain tumors
  • Head and neck tumors

Hospital Recoletas Campo Grande

In January 2016, the Hospital Recoletas Campo Grande installed a new linear accelerator for cancer patient’s treatment.

This equipment, along with the experience of the professional team of the Hospital Recoletas Campo Grande and the scientific collaboration of Atrys Health, will allow to provide more effective, safer and of greater precision treatments, increasing the quality of life of cancer patients.

Recoletas Group is a leading health management company in Spain, and the private health reference group in Castilla y Leon. It has 400 beds and more than 1,000 healthcare professionals, and has agreements with all insurance companies.

Hospital Recoletas Campo Grande of Valladolid is the reference hospital in Castilla y León. Located a few meters from the AVE train station, it has a Radio Oncology division as part of the Recoletas’ Oncology Unit, which has administered more than 9000 cancer treatments to date.