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Oncoprecise. Decision-Making System for Oncologic Diagnosis and Treatment

The main objective of the present project is the integration of clinical data, along with metabolomic and transcriptome sequencing by new generation tools (NGS) from liquid biopsies of breast cancer patients in a computer platform for decision making Early diagnosis, classification and suggestion of pharmacological treatment.

Technological innovations of the project are the development of new molecular signatures that combine metabolomic and transcriptomic data that have predictive valued in the disease outcome and treatment, and the development of a platform for the integration of clinical data of cancer patients.

The ONCOPRECISE platform will incorporate deep computational learning and artificial intelligence systems, based on neural network models, which give it the ability to design new molecular signatures in an automated way for breast cancer prognosis and follow up. The combination of the study of metabolomics and transcriptomics in liquid biopsies, obtained by minimally invasive methods (from blood samples), offers a powerful tool for the follow-up of patients and the adequacy of therapies, representing a further step in the area of precision medicine.

Collaboration with DATAGEN, a Chilen company dedicated to the analysis of massive biological data and development of health platforms, the Medical Surgical Hospital of Jaén and the Medina Foundation.

ONCOPRECISE is a FERDER project, with co-financing from the CDTI.


Budget: 263.832,00€