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Our work revolves around three key pillars for patients and for us: facilitating your recovery and supporting you with both outstanding professionals and the latest advances in technology.

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Atrys Oncology Network

The 5 specialised centres that make up our Oncology Network in Spain, Switzerland, and Portugal offer cancer patients a comprehensive response, with the best specialists and the most advanced diagnostic and treatment resources available to offer personalised care that is tailored to each patient.

Through a network healthcare model, our team of pathologists and oncologists share protocols and jointly discuss each case in international tumour committees that take place every week.

Partnership with the Champalimaud Foundation

At Atrys, we have strengthened our ties with the Champalimaud Foundation, a European leader in oncology research, through a broad collaboration agreement to jointly perform advanced diagnostic and therapeutic procedures using non-invasive methods.

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State-of-the-art radiotherapy

Our oncology centres have the most advanced technological equipment to provide advanced radiotherapy treatments, such as image guided or hypofractionated radiotherapy.

Second opinion and genetic counselling

Our professionals offer added value services to oncology patients. Second opinion oncology consultations are aimed at people suffering from any type of cancer who want to get a second opinion from an expert board and discuss treatment options. Furthermore, Genetic Counselling is an innovative area that we offer to people who suffer or have suffered from cancer or have several cases of cancer in the same family.

Image guided single-dose radiotherapy application

Image Guided Single Dose Radiation Therapy (IGRT) is a state-of-the-art treatment, based on advanced imaging technologies, which allows high doses of radiation to be delivered very precisely. The therapy drastically reduces the impact on healthy tissues and can be delivered in a single session. Implementing this technique, subject to consultation with our team of specialists, allows for the tumour to be removed at an early stage and provides new therapy options for patients who cannot undergo surgery or do not have other effective treatments available to them.

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