Real innovation for the challenges of the future

Every day we research and develop new technological solutions for the future of the healthcare sector. Our efforts provide answers that are already leading to improvements in diagnostics and precision medicine.

Strong research capacity


projects in 2020-2023


invested annually in R+D

1.300 m2

dedicated to research

Lines of research

Liquid biopsy

Liquid biopsy

New markers

Integration platform

AI for diagnostics

We apply less invasive diagnostic processes, which allow us to find tumour markers using blood samples.

We improve the quality of diagnostics and prognoses for more efficient personalised medicine.

We develop Big Data strategies to better manage patient information and optimise medical decision-making.

We increase clinical accuracy by applying the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence to automated diagnostic imaging.

Articles and patents

As part of our R+D activity, we regularly publish in prestigious journals and register international patents. Check out our scientific and industrial production.

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At the heart of our competitiveness

R+D is part of our DNA. Research allows us to remain scientifically competitive. Investing in technological innovation allows us to offer better answers for patients and more efficient services for the healthcare sector.

A unique position for R+D

Our variety of disciplines puts the R+D department in a unique position to lead innovation in various areas of healthcare. We have a vast database of high quality clinical data, which we use to support our projects.

Research and training agreements

We have signed research and training agreements with several universities, such as the European University (UE), the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), the National Open University of Colombia (UNAD), the University of Concepción in Chile (UdeC) or the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). The agreements aim to offer students a different working experience to that obtained through university internships. They make it possible to improve the quality of teaching, complementing theoretical classes, seminars, and university internships with practical training received in a professional environment. They also facilitate the progressive relationship between students and companies, helping in their subsequent incorporation into the world of work.

The best resource Atrys has is its people, who carry research and innovation in health in their DNA, of the highest quality.


Angel Ayuso Sacido, PhD, Corporate Scientific Director at Vithas Hospital

Working and collaborating with like-minded people is always easier. At Leitat, we believe that in addition to Atrys Health’s scientific-technical professional level, what makes them stand out is their human quality. It is our ideal partner to develop R+D projects to contribute to the improvement of human health.


Francesc Mitjans, Director of Innovation Health & Biomedicine of the Leitat Technological Center

From the first moment we came into contact with Atrys, we believed there could not be a more fruitful relationship.


Prof. Juan Jesús Cruz Hernández Coordinator of the Cancer Group at the Institute for Biomedical Research of Salamanca

Thanks to their skills, effort, and efficiency, their collaboration has helped us to find new biomarkers in different types of cancer. We want to continue making progress alongside Atrys.

Fundación MEDINA

Francisca Vicente, PhD. Head area of Screening and Target Validation


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