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The Hematology area offers a specialized diagnostic service in oncohematology, and hemostasis and coagulation tests are also performed. The techniques of flow cytometry, cytogenetics, in situ hybridization and molecular biology allow a better characterization of hematological populations, awarding prognostic value and facilitating clinical follow-up of patients with chronic blood diseases.

Our team of hematologists, biologists, cytogeneticists and technicians use diagnostic and follow up algorithms for each disease, based on the consensus Guide Recommendations for genetic diagnosis and monitoring of hematological malignancies (2011) from the group of Hematology Molecular Biology (GBMH) and the hematologic cytogenetics Cooperative Group of the Spanish society of Hematology and Hemotherapie, 2011.


Area Director: Dr. Enric Gamundí

Area coordinator: Ana Belén Galván (agalvan@atryshealth.com)