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Glibioliquid. Development of a diagnostic kit from blood (liquid biopsy) in patients with brain tumor

The present project aims to develop a standardized diagnostic product based on the analysis of the content of Extracellular Vesicles (EBVs) in liquid biopsy of patients with brain tumors to identify the presence of mutations in the IDH1.

Mutations in IDH1 play an important role as a prognostic and predictive biomarker in patients with brain tumors. As reported in the latest international classification of gliomas, patients with tumors with mutations in the IDH1 gene have a better prognosis than their homologues with native sequences.

There is also a new generation of drugs targeted at this biomarker whose effectiveness is already being explored in clinical trials. The major commercial limitation for these products is the determination of the mutation, since its determination is clinically irreproducible and of high cost. Regardless of tumor tissue, the only procedure to identify this mutational target that has been developed so far is through cephalo-spinal liquid punctures. This procedure is not standardized and is associated with an important risk of cerebral herniation and death, even though the cost in the absence of complications is clearly inferior to the brain biopsy.

Partners: Consortium with Fundación de Investigación HM Hospitales

Funds: Programa Estatal de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación Orientada a los Retos de la Sociedad (RETOS)

ID: RTC-2016-4990-1