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Trust our team and talk to our specialists. The professionals at Atrys offer you personalised care and support your medical decisions with the most accurate genetic analyses. We have the most advanced equipment and the largest catalogue of tests to help you take care of your patients.

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Access a catalogue with more than 3,000 genetic tests to improve the accuracy of the diagnosis and treatment of your patients. We are leaders with over 20 years of experience and a track record that allows us to offer you personalised and meticulous advice for your needs, at competitive prices and with fast delivery times. Your patients can’t wait.

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Support your work with the latest technological advances in massive sequencing available through our company. The acquisition of technologies such as the Illumina NextSeq 550 and iScan platforms offer you the highest quality and safety in genetic analysis. We provide you with comprehensive solutions that have been specifically designed for each individual diagnostic need.

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  • NGS sequencing panels

    • Thanks to major developments in next generation sequencing (NGS) equipment, it has been possible to develop tests that include a single gene, panels with large groups of genes, and even the exome, increasing diagnostic capacity, with shorter times and lower prices.
  • Exome

    • The human genome contains more than 20,000 genes and about 7,000 are known to be related to different conditions. Each gene is made up of exons and introns. Exons are the coding regions that give rise to proteins, while introns are non-coding regions.
  • Molecular oncology and liquid biopsy

    • Cancer is a genetic disease. It occurs when mutations originate in the DNA and many genes can be affected. The main types of genes involved in this disease are suppressor genes, proto-oncogenes, and repair genes. Around 10% of cancers are hereditary. In these cases, the mutations occur in the germ cells and there is a 50% probability they will be transmitted to offspring.


In our experience, you are always there for whatever is needed, always offering excellent teleradiology solutions, with the utmost speed and efficiency, both for urgent and routine patients”.

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