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Diagnostic Second Opinion

Patients seeking a second medical opinion need to assure that the pathological diagnosis is correct to support proper medical advice and treatment options that could arise from it.

Atrys offers Pathological second opinion services both for physicians and their patients. These services include reviewing of the diagnostic material obtained and evaluated in other centers, and the commitment to implement it with appropriate complementary tests within current state of the art guidelines.

To ensure a short response time, the processing of samples received (whether tissue paraffin blocks or cytological preparations) starts the day of the reception at our facilities. Microtomy and hematoxylin-eosin staining are carried out in all cases, while additional tests (i.e. Immunohistochemistry or molecular biology) are performed only if recommended by guidelines and are strictly necessary for correct diagnosis.

Pathological second opinion services stand out for:

  • Extensive experience with national and international costumers
  • Full range of specialties
  • Short response time:
    • Three to four days in cases that do not require complementary tests
    • Immediate report delivery via web platform,
    • Notification via email of report of availability
    • Preliminary reports if complementary tests are required
  • Consistent and accurate reports, standardized content and SNOMED CT codes
  • Reports in Spanish or English

An accurate and appropriate diagnosis depends directly on pathologists and scientists expertise. Our pathology services are provided through a network of consultants, including more than 15 pathologists.  All consultants have recognized expertise in diagnostic services along with academic links and daily activity in referral hospitals.

You can consult our list of specialists in: TOP DOCTORS