Since the beginning of this company, we have developed our professional activity based on a firm commitment to regulatory compliance, consistent with the principles and values ​​contained in our Code of Conduct.

Committed to ethics

As a further step in the consolidation of this culture of business ethics, we already have a Crime Prevention Program and an Anti-Corruption Policy, as well as our Code of Conduct.

We have also set up a Reporting Channel so that anyone who becomes aware of the possible existence of a criminal or administrative offence or of any other illegal behaviour or contrary to our Code of Conduct can inform the Compliance Department.


Code of Conduct


Internal Information System Policy


Anti-Corruption Policy


Atrys has established an internal reporting system, articulated through a channel that allows any member of the organisation or any third party to report quickly and easily the possible existence of a criminal or administrative offence or any other illegal behaviour or behaviour contrary to our Code of Conduct that has been committed (or is likely to be committed) within the framework of the activities carried out by any company of the Atrys Group. This channel guarantees the confidentiality of the information exchanged at all times and allows communications to be made anonymously. The communications sent through this channel will always be treated in compliance with the guarantees, obligations and rights recognised in the applicable legislation on the protection of reporting persons, including the prohibition of any form of retaliation against them. You can access the reporting channel here. For more information on the functioning of the channel, the ways for making communications and the processing of your personal data, please consult our Policy on the internal information system.

Reporting channel