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BLI-O. Development of molecular markers in liquid biopsy for long survival in oncoinmunotherapy

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Europe with more than 3 million new cases and 1.7 million deaths each year. Among the different types of cancer with high incidence in the population are non-small cell lung cancer, metastatic melanoma and skin cancer. For each of them there are different types of treatment, but none manages to increase the survival of the patient. Hodgkin lymphoma is a rare disease whose treatment consists of chemotherapy with or without radiotherapy on affected lymph node regions, the percentage of people who do not respond to chemotherapy is very high and with a poor prognosis of the disease.

In recent years, great efficacy has been observed in the cancer treatment of advanced tumors through immunotherapy, despite not obtaining satisfactory results in clinical trials to date. As a consequence, it is considered of vital importance to continue researching on treatment with the aim of significantly increasing the survival of cancer patients.

For this reason, the technological challenge of the present project is to develop a molecular signature to identify the long survivor patients treated with immunotherapy, being, today, impossible to predict.

To ensure the success of the project, Atrys Health S.A collaborates with the Foundation for Biomedical Research of the Puerta de Hierro University Hospital, specifically with the IDIPHISA Lung Cancer group coordinated by Prof. Dr. Mariano Provencio.

This project has been funded by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities within the RETOS-COLABORACIÓN Subprogram, Call 2019. The project is co-financed by the European Union with the aim of promoting technological development, innovation and quality research.

Project ID: RTC2019-007359-1