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Sanitas CIMA Hospital and Atrys Health will create an Advanced Oncological Radiotherapy Center

September 12, 2018

The Sanitas CIMA Hospital has reached an agreement with Atrys Health, a company specialized in the diagnosis and radiotherapy treatment of cancer, for the creation of its new Advanced Oncological Radiotherapy Center.

This new facility, which will open its doors in the second quarter of 2019, will house the Oncology Care and Advice Unit, the most advanced diagnostic imaging systems and the Oncology Radiotherapy Center, equipped with TrueBeam STx linear accelerators, from Varian Medical Systems that allow the administration of single or hypofractioned doses.


These unique doses concentrate the intensity of the treatment in a much smaller number of sessions and with sub-millimeter precision, which allows to minimize the side effects on the healthy tissues of the people being treated: "People with cancer will receive a concentrated treatment on the tumor , which reduces the impact of radiotherapy on tissues close to the area to be treated and, therefore, the side effects ", explained Dr. Toni Giró, managing director of Sanitas CIMA Hospital.

The fact of concentrating the therapy by increasing the doses will allow patients to significantly reduce the number of treatment sessions. "We are convinced that this is excellence: to offer people adequate, accurate and safe treatments with the least impact on their quality of life."

Santiago de Torres, CEO of Atrys Health, explains that the new Center will have the professional team of ATRYS, integrated by radiotherapy oncologists who provide extensive experience in advanced radiotherapy, hypo treatments extreme fractionation and single dose, allowing the application of radiotherapy in oligometastatic diseases, confirming complete responses in treated lesions with success rates of 90%.

Dr. Toni Giró points out that the new center will be located in the San Odón facilities, where part of the hospital's outpatient clinic is currently located. "We have decided to unify all the care services involved in the care of people with cancer. In this way, any patient will have much more available to them all the diagnostic and therapeutic options without the need to move. "

Radiotherapy is a safe and accurate alternative for the treatment of almost any oncological pathology. Technological advances, such as the introduction of single dose systems, have made it possible to increase efficiency and offer people with cancer treatments with fewer side effects but with the same clinical benefit and in many fewer sessions. "Technology allows us to accelerate the care cycle and this is one of the best examples. Thanks to the new hypofractionated radiotherapy equipment we will be able to offer new options to patients whose cancer is not operable or who until now had no effective treatments. "

The Oncology Radiotherapy Center of the Sanitas CIMA Hospital will be one of the references in comprehensive and excellent cancer care in Spain. "We will make available to patients all the knowledge of our Care Unit and Oncology Council to coordinate the entire care process, the power of our diagnostic imaging systems to ensure the safest and most accurate therapeutic approach and the most linear accelerators. advanced for the administration of radiotherapy. "

Commitment to the cancer patient

The Sanitas CIMA Hospital will complete its care offer with this new Oncology Radiotherapy Center, which will share facilities with the Care and Oncology Advice Unit, which is committed to a comprehensive approach to cancer and incorporates the patients' relatives into the care process.

In the last year the center has launched innovative programs such as the Unit for the Early Detection of Women's Pathology or the Virtual Reality Program so that patients can have an experience of what the chemotherapy treatment will be like before starting it and Solve some doubts or concerns that may have before they occur.

The program of the center includes the participation of a psycho-oncologist, who accompanies the patient throughout the process and who monitors the virtual reality experience. The experience of the center is that patients suffer less stress when they start their chemotherapy treatments, since they have a clear idea of ​​what is going to happen. In this way they cope better with the disease during treatment.

The commitment of the Sanitas CIMA Hospital with people suffering from cancer is also manifested in the collaboration with the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC-Catalunya), which has already been successful for three years. The center is a sponsor of the "Nit Solidaria" and has already allocated 100,000€ to finance 12 research projects (7 in 2017 and another 5 this year) whose objective is to advance the diagnosis and treatment of people suffering from cancer.