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Real-time diagnostics with international specialists

March 30, 2017

A Coruña, march 30th, 2017. Atrys Health, a company that specializes in online diagnostic imaging services, and the Center for Research in Information and Communication Technologies (CITIC) at the University of Coruña (UDC) have presented this morning a new multispecialty telemedicine platform, eDSalud, which Will offer deradiology, cardiology, ophthalmology and dermatology services remotely.


The president of Atrys Health, Santiago de Torres, emphasized that "eDSalud is based on a comprehensive management system, with its own network composed of the best specialists who, in an uninterrupted and practically immediate manner, will issue diagnostic reports."

De Torres explained that "the platform allows to capture as much information as images and video of any type so that a medical specialist located in a different location can diagnose with the greatest precision." Representatives of the University of Coruña have been at the table Julio E. Abalde Alonso, Rector of the UDC, and Salvador Naya Fernández, Vice-Rector of Scientific Policy, Research and Transfer of the UDC and President of the CITIC Foundation of Galicia, as well as Manuel F. González Penedo, Coordinator of CITIC, who said that "this type of strategic alliances with leading companies in the integration of ICT in the field of medicine is a very important line of research in our Center."  

The platform encompasses all the necessary phases when it comes to treating a patient, from admission to the generation of the final diagnostic report, without overlooking other essential issues such as the generation of a single medical record, online multidisciplinary clinical sessions, Second medical opinion, e-learning and economic management.

EDsalud includes data mining and artificial intelligence tools. One of the new functionalities that the eDSalud platform will put on the market is the production of online ultrasounds. With this new tool, the patient will be able to perform an ultrasound without the need for a radiologist to be physically present. The platform allows the medical specialist to view the video images in real time. In the future, eSalud plans to integrate all medical specialties that are incorporated into telemedicine (Pathology, Neurology, etc.).