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Atrys Health increases its revenues 59% to 4.56 million euros

May 4, 2017

Atrys Health, S.A., a company dedicated to the provision of diagnostic services and medical treatments of excellence, has presented the audited figures of its results for the 2016 financial year.

The company obtained revenues of 4.56 million euros, an increase of 59.4% over 2015 and a gross margin of 3.04 million euros, improving the gross margin obtained by 71.6% In 2015.

In 2016, ATRYS achieved EBITDA of 1.05 million euros (97.6% increase over 2015) and increased its recurring EBITDA (adjusted for outgoing expenses to the MAB) by 149.2% to 1. 33 million euros. The company closed the 2016 financial year with a net profit of 63 thousand euros.

In the words of ATRYS' CEO, Santiago de Torres, "During the 2016 fiscal year we have continued to grow in all areas of business, fulfilling the objectives set, all thanks to the effort and commitment of the entire ATRYS professional team and the trust of our customers".

Regarding the behavior of the different business areas:

51% of the income generated by the company corresponds to the area of ​​personalized cancer diagnosis, which shows a positive behavior, with a revenue growth in 2016 of 74% compared to 2015.

This significant increase is due to the impulse that the company has achieved in this area with the contracting of services by the health systems of several autonomous communities, the incorporation of new services in the field of clinical trials of pharmaceutical companies and activities Of pathological anatomy for large health groups.

38% of the revenues correspond to the area of ​​online image diagnosis, which in 2016 increases by 23% compared to the previous year.

The company has focused its commercial efforts in the first half of the year on boosting the activity of teleradiology in Spain, which is reflected in the evolution of its revenues, with a growing trend month by month during the 2016 fiscal year and that has allowed closing the Year with more than ninety thousand diagnostic tests reported by the team of radiologists at ATRYS.

The advanced radiotherapy oncology business area, which began operations in February 2016, represents 11% of total revenues in 2016.

In terms of R & D, ATRYS has made an investment of 1.75 million euros during 2016, the year in which the company launched in 2016 several ID lines aimed at strengthening the portfolio of products and services, highlighting the development of tests Diagnoses based on liquid biopsy.

Following its departure in July to the Alternative Stock Market, and reinforced by the results obtained in 2016, ATRYS remains committed to continue boosting its revenues in all its business areas in Spain and other international markets with special emphasis on the Latin American market.