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EBITDA reaches 1.83 million euros, representing a 73.08% increase

April 6, 2018

Madrid, April 5, 2018.- Atrys Health, S.A. (ATRY), company dedicated to the provision of diagnostic services and medical treatments of excellence, has presented the progress of results for the year 2017.

The company has obtained revenues of 6.03 million euros, representing an increase of 32.33% with respect to 2016 and a gross margin of 3.89 million euros, improving by 37.67% the gross margin of the 2016 exercise.

In 2017, ATRYS reached an EBITDA of 1.83 million euros (a 73.08% increase compared to 2016) and increases its recurring EBITDA (adjusted for expenses related to capital increase and associated with M & A activity) up to 1.94 million euros. The company closed the year 2017 with a net profit of 97.15 million euros, an increase of 54.12% over the previous year. The recurring net profit, excluding extraordinary expenses, stands at 557 thousand euros.

In 2017, the company executed one of the largest capital increases in a company listed on the MAB for the last three years, capturing more than 13 million euros, in a capital increase divided into three tranches. The first, for 7.9 million euros, gave access to institutional investors in the capital of the company, including Grupo Caser. The second tranche converted 1.25 million euros of loans from partners in capital and, the third, executed in February 2018, has raised 4 million euros, expanding its shareholder base in more than 300 shareholders. This has made it possible to improve the liquidity of the share and that it will go from quoting in fixing to trading continuously within the MAB.